Weight Loss

Your weight loss will be managed by Dr. Bolte, your own personal Health Consultant Doctor.

Weight loss at the Get Well Center is done naturally and effectively, and uniquely to you.

You will be assessed to determine any metabolic or glandular (hormonal) disorders that may inhibit your ability to lose weight.

Your blood type will be assessed through a blood study to further individualize your diet.

Your BMR, Total Fat Percentage, Viceral Fat, Glandular or Matabolic Factors, Digestive Issues, and Ideal Weight (all the factors involved in your ability to lose weight) will be determined, then given the appropriate caloric intake for you to safely and successfully lose weight.

You will be assessed for toxic syndrome, where toxins reside in the fat cells not allowing for their break down in the body. If toxic syndrome is concluded, you will be placed on the proper detoxification / cleanse program to allow the loss of fate and weight when it was not possible before.

It will be determined if profession homeopathic HCG is right for you. If placed on HCG, a HCG Diet will be doctor designed for you to lose inches.

You will be taught healthy foods and eating habits.

You will be given structured guidelines on what and how to eat for life.

You will be given recipes to prepare recommended foods.

If you fully commit to this Doctor Managed weight loss program, you can reach your target weight and keep the weight off. Make your decision, and schedule an appointment to losing weight and getting lean today.