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My son has Scoliosis. He has been to 4 specialist that said there was nothing they could do but watch it. I read that a chiropractor can help. However, all the specialist told me it would not work. I went with my gut feeling as a mother and went to a chiropractor. I ask around and heard excellent things about Dr. Bolte. My girlfriend said his hands can work miracles. My son has been going to him for 6 months. We had a x-ray 2 weeks ago and his scoliosis is healing. Dr. Bolte is a miracle worker and my son loves him. He has great bedside manners. Now, my husband goes to him. My husband has back problems and loves to golf. He thought he would have to give up golf. Now that he goes to Dr. Bolte, his back is better and he is able to continue to golf.

Thank you Dr. Bolte
— Marcia Henderer
Went to Dr Bolte with several acute and chronic problems along with a healthy dose of scepticism about whether anyone could help me. I had miraculous 100% relief within 2 sessions for a debilitating issue. I am a believer! He combines chiro with several Eastern medicinal philosophies like accupunture, Shaolin etc. Highly recommended
— Swatee Bhanu
The man works wonders. He has truly changed my life. I’ve never met a guy like John that has such a big heart and passion for helping people! Thank you John!
— Tanner Heafner
Wonderful, 1st chiropractic care to help my back problem, ever, ever. I’m taking my mom for her neck pain this morning. Confident she will get the same level of care as I did.
— Leann Rae
Dr. Bolte was highly recommended to me. I was a little apprehensive because I was unhappy with the last two chiropractors I had visited. My pain was so intense, I could barely walk. The other doctors seemed unable to relieve my pain. I decided to see Dr. Bolte as a last resort because surgery was suggested as my only option. My first visit was great, he spent more time with me than all of the other doctors, so I decided to give him a chance. Since seeing Dr. Bolte, my suffering days are over and I no longer need surgery. I feel so blessed to have found him. I would recommend him to anyone.
— Rose McBride
I was in a horrific accident and had seen many doctors and chiropractors as well as physical therapists. From neurologists to spine doctors, sports medicine doctors, orthopedic doctors and many other types of doctors. I was given medication after medication and one doctor wanted to burn the nerve endings off at the base of my spine; that was not acceptable. After googling for days I ran across “The Get Well Center.” Seeing great Google reviews I figured I had nothing to lose. After meeting Dr. Bolte, he is not your typical revolving door doctor. He actually treats you to fix your problems. Prior to meeting him, after many months of living in constant pain I was about to accept that I was going to be in pain forever. Now after being treated by Dr. Bolte I have never been so pain free since prior to my accident. My outlook on life and health has completely turned around and I give him souley all the credit. Dr. Bolte is one of the few people I trust. He is far above the rest when it comes to skill and knowledge of the human body.
— Julian Boss
Dr. Bolte has a gift, a gift of intuitive healing. I’ve been seeing him for more than five years and there’s no one I’d rather have adjust my stubborn back than Dr Bolte. Dude is amazing. Not only does he adjust my spine, he’s also been helping me reach my optimal health with attention to diet and emotional blocks. He is very wise, super patient, and the most compassionate and caring healthcare professionals I’ve ever met. I will literally walk in like a zombie and leave walking tall with a smile every time. His skills, experience, and knowledge are worth every penny.
— Charon
I got referred to Dr. Bolte from another chiropractor friend of mine. When I called Dr. Bolte and explained to him what happened to me. He immediately set an appointment to meet with me the very next day. At the appointment I told him I had been recently diagnosed with severe vertigo and bell palsey. On top of that my blood pressure was off the charts I had excruciating pain in my right ear and I waa seeing double and very dizzy. I had no movement on the rightside of my face with no ability to smile fully or raise my eyebrow. I went to my physician and was referred to a neurologist who me told it would be at least 6 months before I was back to normal or longer with no guarantee. Within my first few sessions with Dr. Bolte utilizing acupuncture therapy on me, all of my symptoms with my inner ear giving me pain and dizziness was gone. The vertigo was gone and I could start driving on my own. My blood pressure came back to a manageable range without medication. After 6wks I was able to go back to work. Its been two months now and I am getting movement on the right side again and can move my eyebrow. My smile is almost back. My family and friends say I look like myself again. Thanks to Dr. Bolte and the Lord using him I feel better than ever. I do not know how far along I would be if it was not for Dr. Bolte. He is amazing and very sensitive to the needs of his clients. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is struggling any abnormality in your body. He has what it takes to get you well and back on track with your life again.
— Willie Drone
I’ve been dealing with pain from tight muscles and the effect of TMJ for years and I thought I’d just have to endure the pain for the rest of my life. Sitting got painful after one hour which made road trips or traveling in general hell. My neck hurt bad every single morning and my left arm and even the left side of my face started to get numb. I’ve only been here three times and I already feel worlds better. Without pills or expensive mouth guards.
— Eva Kühnert
Grateful to find Dr. Bolte! In just a few weeks my health has improved so much. For years I have had high blood pressure and this week it is now in the normal range.

Dr. Bolte seems to really listen and get to the root of the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on and calling it good.
— Diane Dillon
Dr. Bolte has been my Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Natural Medicine Doctor for over 10 years. He is also a great friend and spiritual advisor.

Dr. Bolte has been great with my health needs and will work with you to ensure all your needs are met.

Dr. Bolte has helped me in so many ways, but especially with my lower back and sciatica nerve.

Medicine and Injections did not help and I did not want surgery.

I highly recommend you Dr. Bolte for all your needs.
— Patrick Shockley
Dr. Bolte offers a comprehensive wealth of expertise in traditional chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine combined with a sincere wish to help you get well. He spends time to thoroughly get to the root of the problem, then choose the best combination of wellness strategies.

He provided me with Chinese medicinal herbs that started to calm my inflammation in a matter of days, and he also treated my compressed discs with gentle chiropractic adjustments (not a quick pop back into place type of adjustment).

I am in my mid-50s, female, and starting to have aging issues; Dr. Bolte “gets it” in terms of my health issues and health goals.

He is very personable, very educated, and his practice is like non other I have participated in.
Highly recommend giving the Get Well Center a try, especially if traditional medicine has not provided positive or lasting results.
— Kelley Deiley
Dr. Bolte is truly amazing. He is an expert and many areas, on top of his Chiropractic excellence. His whole integrated approach is exceptional and I would highly recommend seeing him to any person that is looking to improve their heath and wellness.
— Brett Parry
I’ve had a chronically bad hip for years - pain, no movement, etc. After about 10 sessions with Dr. Bolte a year ago, the pain went away completely and I developed greater mobility. He used a series of acupuncture, decompression, chiropractic adjustments, and some excruciating pressure point thing that I don’t understand but totally believe in. I’ve just booked a few more appointments as a preventative measure. He’s super laid-back and the office feels nice and welcoming.
— David Tyda
3 years ago I got bad case of dizziness, I went to doctors, I had all kinds of tests and physical therapy and my dizziness continued every 2-3 months , Now I get them more often and feeling woozy almost every day. I came to Dr. John Bolte 4 weeks ago having problems with dizziness and nausea, taking pills almost every day so I could get trough the day . After few weeks of acupunctures I feel so much better, and don’t have to take any pills to get trough the week between treatments. Dr Bolte always goes the extra mile with my treatment, getting extra additional point being treated, like hunger points or emotional points, whatever he feels is needed to be done at that day, he does . Last treatment took 35 needles. Dr Bolte takes the time to treat my problems, I see results. Feeling better is like blessings, we count them when we loose our wellbeing. I will recommend Dr. Bolte to everyone who is looking for alternative medicine. Accepting Medicare makes my treatments affordable.. Thank you Dr. Bolte to make my life normal again.
— Eva Hartman
Was having migraines that medicine wasn’t helping and decided that I should see a chiropractor. I thought I was going in to align my back and neck but not only did I do that I also went through an acupuncture procedure and I couldn’t have felt any better after doing it. I definitely recommend coming here!
— Jon Hinckley
The best at what he does, he is a master in the art of acupuncture and chiropractic care!! My back and neck issues are no more, I was told I was going to have to be on pain medication for the rest of my life. I haven’t had to use heavy medications since I started going to Dr. John Bolte.
— Vince
My daughters found Dr. Bolte’s name and business information on the Internet and talked me into going to him. I had a severe case of Vertigo that was making me very sick and sometimes bedridden with nausea and vomiting. I had been to medical doctors who ran test after test and gave me the diagnosis of Vertigo but no answers except that it was crystals in my inner ear. They gave no options on how to handle it, in fact, one doctor tried to perform the maneuver to release the crystals which left me really sick for several hours. Dr. Bolte gave me one treatment of acupuncture and I felt much better immediately. The nausea and dizziness had subsided quite a lot and I was quite relaxed, which I had not been for weeks. Now, after five treatments total, I can turn my head each way, tilt my head backward and forward and lay flat in bed without being propped up with pillows! He has helped me immensely and along the way, has educated me on stress, diet and ways to keep the Vertigo under control, if it should happen again. John Bolte is a compassionate, caring person who actually listens to his patients and explains what is happening and why...and what he proposes to do about it. I am so happy that both my daughters insisted on me going to The Get Well Center. It was the best decision I could have made to help me control and perhaps alleviate Vertigo from my life forever! Thank you, Dr. Bolte!
— Sandy Britt
I was unable to move without pain on Wednesday and I was moving freely on Sunday after 2 sessions! That should say it all:-) Very thankful to have found Dr. Bolte - he is a blessing:-)
— Liz Foldi
I saw a pain specialist for neck-pain, and they recommended nerve ablation and/or fusion of vertebra C4/5. Life-altering measures....
After Dr. Bolte made 2 chiropractic adjustments, 8 months of pain ended.

I was referred to Dr. Bolte by a family member. After her adjustment, he referred her to a cardiologist. As it turns out, she had a fossa ovalis that failed to close; a condition she had since birth and had gone undetected for 23 years. Dr. Bolte diagnosed a heart abnormality straight away.

In a separate incident, a friend’s adjustment ended with Bolte referring him to a toxicology lab for heavy metals poisoning. Turns out, it was mercury poisoning. After a course of dimercaptosuccinic acid, my friend’s pain was dramatically reduced.

I have to admit to skepticism on my first visit. But I value accurate root-cause analysis. Dr. Bolte has a genuine talent for medicine, and anyone would do well to see him at least once.
— J. Ian Lindsay
I can’t say enough about the great results I have had with Dr. John Bolte at The Get Well Center. I drive all the way from Chandler for treatment. I receive maintenance treatment on a regular 6 month basis because Chiropractic and acupuncture changed my life. Taught me about natural healthcare and how there is alternative care to medicine and drugs and provides permanent results. Not only do I seek his care for maintenance but I recently had a an accident tearing my meniscus causing much pain, swelling and stiffness. With acupuncture, the symptoms improved allowing me to sleep, walk, drive and continue working. I still will have surgery however in the meantime, acupuncture saved me from taking pain meds and reduced the swelling and stiffness. Dr. Bolte sincerely cares about each of his patients, listening carefully and demonstrating much compassion through his work and results. Thank you God for this gifted doctor!
— Pam Smith
Dr. Bolte has helped me like no other Doctor has done concerning my migraines.

After I found out I had been poisoned at Camp LeJeune Marine base with heavy metals and did research on candida overgrowth, I found Dr. Bolte’s office.

I made an appointment and he discussed my concerns, did blood testing and then gave instructions on food choices, water intake and vitamin intake. If you go to his website, you can see some of this information. I don’t suffer now unless I eat foods I am not supposed to ... here’s to your health —- food and water determines it.
— Kristy Kramer
There really isn’t enough space here to write how much Dr. Bolte helped me. When I walked in to his office I was morbidly obese and my blood pressure was through the roof. I had contacted at least 3 MD’s prior to calling John and always felt they had something to sell me, in addition to that I met with a cardiologist who put me on blood pressure meds and said I would never get off of them. I met with John and he took the time to examine me and find out about my habits. Gave me and action plan and if you could see my before and after pics you would be amazed. He saved my life and my wallet in expensive Dr fees.
— Matthew Baugh
I felt very lucky to have found Dr. Bolte online, when looking for pain relief. Wish I had found him sooner. Not only do I feel better from acupuncture and chiropractic treatment, but learned that acupuncture can help with numerous issues, including pain, blood pressure, anxiety, dizziness, etc. Not all doctors are created the same, this one cares about his clients. I referred a friend who was as happy as I was at the level of care provided and results. I highly recommend anyone wanting to feel better to make an appointment.
— J. Schweitzer
Dr. John Bolte is an incredibly gifted and compassionate healthcare provider. He takes the time with you to listen and actually work through the causes of issues. And unlike a lot, he’s willing to take on those with chronic health challenges that maybe don’t have a “fix.” His bodywork (chiropractic and cranial sacral) is sincerely life-changing. He practices an integrative approach including Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine/ Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Nutrition and more. The best part to me is he actually spends good amounts of time on my body - I highly recommend working with Dr. Bolte, your health will definitely benefit. I am grateful to have found him.
— Teddy Hodges
Finally found a doctor that fixes my problems not just says here’s some pills. I have not felt this good in 20 years. You need to give him a try and see what he can do for you.
— Danny Smith